The observant people among you will note that it’s been quite a while since a podcast has been posted here. The main reason is that Anthony now runs God Talk Radio programme on Near FM (North East Dublin, Ireland) and on Liffey Sound FM (Lucan, West Dublin). The website for God Talk can be accessed here . Twitter account is can be accessed here ….Meet you on the other side!

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In this (revived) episode of Pilgrim Talk we have the audio from the God Talk radio Programme which was broadcast on Near FM 90.3 on Sunday 28-8-16 at 4pm. The conversation was between John Manning (in the hospital bed), Anthony Brabazon and Paul Caffrey.  With the addition of a few visitors and a tea lady it proved to be a lively and upbeat programme. Enjoy and Listen here

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God’s Amazing Plan for You!

Yes, its true! God make you unique. He made you perfect for what He has planned for you. All you have to do is find out what that is! Paul and Nuala O’Higgins give some sooo helpful insights for those wanting to live the Jesus life in Ireland today. I hope you enjoy!

Listen here

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The Trouble About a Brand New Cart: Session 1

Barra Wallpainting 40We all know the story of Uzza who put out his hand to steady the Ark of the Covenant when the oxen stumbled and the brand new cart began to tip. Paul and Nuala O’Higgins share what this means in terms of what the Lord is doing in Ireland today to prepare His church for the days of harvest ahead. This is session 1 of 3. Enjoy. Listen Here.

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The Pilgrim’s Shoelace

ImageWhat does a Pilgrim do with a shoelace? Ant and Dave explore this knotty question and conclude that a Pilgrim would use a shoelace to thread through all the little holes and pull everything together. So too there are many things the Holy Spirit is saying and doing in Ireland and it would be very beneficial to pull some of these things together so that anyone that wants to look, taste, explore, poke, scratch or sniff can do so. Ant and Dave talk about the next phase of Pilgrim Talk. Watch this space and enjoy the podcast. [listen here]


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Struggles Over

ImageA conference took place in heaven when Jesus returned after his Earth mission. The three great persons of the Godhead convened and concluded that phase 2 could now be activated. Soon after this, in a small upstairs room in the middle east, in Jerusalem, on the appointed day a wonderful Person arrived and filled the gathered 120 with Himself, and His wonderful baggage. Now that curious text which says that we are ‘more than conquerers” makes sense. Join Ant as he delves into something “too good not to be true”. [listen here]


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The Truth, the conscience, the clamper

ImageIn a world of relativism isn’t it refreshing to understand that Jesus’ very name is “Truth”. So the quest is not just for right and wrong but for Truth  to set us free from “untruth”. Ant tells the story of a frantic post office  customer who left a half signed cheque at the counter while he ran out to check the clampers don’t get his car Join Ant and Dave as they reconvene Pilgrim Talk after an extended break! [listen here]

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All His Attention

Picture 4We were made to be connected primarily to our Creator and also to each other. By surrendering to God, who is love, we repent or turn around from our existing flawed condition and His love truly changes us, from the inside out. God has that sort of character that wants to know you…that’s just the way He is. The amazing thing is he can give his undivided attention to all His children…at the same time! Join Ant and Dave as they delve into this wonderful topic. [listen here]

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The Internal Garda


ImageFor our foreign friends a “Garda” is a policeman in Ireland. The mystery hidden from times past by God, His masterstroke, was not more cops and laws followed by even more cops and even more laws. His plan was to miraculously write the law inside us so obedience comes natural. This was not so we could have a sterile legal obedience to every jot and tittle of the Law but a love driven joy filled one driven by a replacement (new) heart. Enjoy the conversation with Ant and Dave. [listen here]

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Beyond Words

Picture 2With the upcoming Russell Crowe blockbuster movie “Noah” people will be talking about God judging the world, but will people realize how broken hearted God was in carrying out this act, an act that always had a redemptive thread. Despite our failures to keep His word…He sent Jesus. Doesn’t that speak of a love beyond words. [listen here]

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