The Internal Garda


ImageFor our foreign friends a “Garda” is a policeman in Ireland. The mystery hidden from times past by God, His masterstroke, was not more cops and laws followed by even more cops and even more laws. His plan was to miraculously write the law inside us so obedience comes natural. This was not so we could have a sterile legal obedience to every jot and tittle of the Law but a love driven joy filled one driven by a replacement (new) heart. Enjoy the conversation with Ant and Dave. [listen here]

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Beyond Words

Picture 2With the upcoming Russell Crowe blockbuster movie “Noah” people will be talking about God judging the world, but will people realize how broken hearted God was in carrying out this act, an act that always had a redemptive thread. Despite our failures to keep His word…He sent Jesus. Doesn’t that speak of a love beyond words. [listen here]

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Unbelievable love

Image“If people really knew me they’d reject me” people think but, when Jesus appears, we believers will be like Him. Something will have been going on in us, and this process is not of our doing but His! Now we are the children of God, not when we get our act together. It’s God’s love that does this changing, unbelievable!? Enjoy the podcast. [listen here]

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Learning to swim

Picture 1

Dave outlines how In 15 minutes a certain Christian leader taught others at a Christian conference how to swim. The secret was to teach them to lie back in the water and find out that the water can be trusted to hold them up. When the fear is overcome trust can take over with powerful results. Similarly the only way to experience the love of God is to surrender to it, this is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Enjoy the broadcast. [listen]

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Trust…the magic bullet

Picture 1How do you get to trust someone…You get to know to know them first. Israel of old saw God’s deeds yet knew Him not nor His ways. God is truly faithful beyond any man so He is a true rock of trust…when we get to know Him. This episode gets at the heart of what Pilgrim Talk is all about.  Ant also raises the important issue of having a future hope on a yonder mountain so you can pass through a valley. [listen here].

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No maggots on the Sabbath

Picture 1Miraculously the manna collected on the day before the sabbath lasted 2 days and not one. Only God could do this and the lesson tells us that God can be trusted with our provision as we maintain our covenant relationship with him. Dave and Ant discuss the miracle of the sabbath amongst other things in this episode. The sabbath is about grace and trusting, something we are designed for! It’s no wonder that God speaks of entering this rest. [listen here]

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Ploughing for Jesus

Picture 2Anthony speaks to John Manning of Near FM about his recent visit to the National Ploughing Championships in Laois where Paul and Nuala O’Higgins and friends had an outreach tent. Not only does God love the farmer but many heard the Gospel truth and some were even healed and saved. A remarkable answer to prayer for work also happened at this special “tent of meeting”. The more serious subject of suicide is also touched upon on this episode. [listen here]

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